The Recruitment Process

Bluefin Engineering Recruitment NottinghamBluefin’s thorough approach ensures clients have an excellent selection of talent at the interview stage. Bluefin understand the time and cost of recruitment and aim to make the recruitment process as efficient as possible.

The Spec

Bluefin works closely with clients to ensure their exact needs are fully understood. Ideally the recruitment process starts with a client meeting to discuss the exact nature of the requirement. Meeting clients is important to Bluefin as it allows us to fully understand a client rather than just understand the skills the client is looking for.

The Search

Once a specification for a job role has been agreed Bluefin has a number of avenues to attract prospective candidates:

  • Advertising – Bluefin advertises roles on over 100 job boards.
  • Local knowledge – Bluefin consultants know their market inside and out and understand the candidates who are looking for opportunities in the local area
  • Delving deeper Bluefin are experts at finding “passive” candidates and have exceptionally strong networks which allow passive candidates to be made aware of interesting opportunities in their local area.

The selection process

Bluefin don’t just send candidates across because they have the right words in their CV and seem to be semi-interested in the role. Bluefin interview candidates at length to ensure they are a good fit for the role. Bluefin aim to send between 4 and 5 strong CV’s to the client within 2 weeks of obtaining the assignment.