Bluefin Engineering Recruitment NottinghamThe average employer will spend just 8 seconds looking at a CV. In order to stand out from the pack candidates need to ensure they spend time writing a good CV. The following tips should help you put together a winning CV:

1: Tailor it

So many candidates send exactly the same CV out to all the jobs they apply for. It’s always worth tailoring your CV so that it emphasises the skills the employer / job advert is looking for. On the same note it’s important to tailor a cover letter to make sure you explain why you are relevant for the position which is being advertised.

2: Keep it short

You should aim to get your CV to fit on 2 pages. With employers being pressed for time it is vital that you are succinct and get your skills and experience across without writing your entire life story.

3: Don’t leave gaps

Leaving gaps on your CV without any explanation could worry a prospective employer. If there is a gap in your CV make sure you explain why there is a gap and try and make it a positive.

4: Tell the Truth

It might be tempting to tell a few “near-truths” on your CV but it is always better to stick to the truth. If you don’t get caught out at the interview stage you could easily get caught out at the reference stage.

5: Check and double check

There is really no excuse for sending a CV with a spelling mistake. By sending a CV with a spelling or grammatical mistake in it you are just giving the employer an excuse to place your CV on the “no” pile.

6: Constantly update your CV

Even if you are not looking for a job it’s a good idea to keep your CV up-to-date.

7: Looks matter

Make sure the overall CV is aesthetically pleasing. Keep sentences short and succinct and use bullet points. Popular Fonts for CV’s include Verdana or Tahoma. It is advisable not to use anything lower than 11 with regards to font size.

8: Keywords are important

Many people place their CV’s on online job boards. Recruiters will search online databases using keywords to search for suitable candidates. If the recruiter is looking for a Design Engineer with good Solidworks experience unless your CV contains both “Design Engineer” and Solidworks you are unlikely to be found…


Further guidance on writing a CV: