Many candidates have had some experience of working with an agency. Not all experiences have been positive. We often deal with candidates who have had bad experiences such as:

  • Being phoned up by recruiters with irrelevant positions
  • Being phoned up by recruiters who have little knowledge of the market they are recruiting in
  • Never hearing back from recruiters having been put forward for positions
  • Never being able to get hold of recruiters to find out what is happening with the position they have been put forward to

The Bluefin way…

Bluefin Engineering Recruitment DerbyAt Bluefin we aim to be professional in every way we deal with candidates. Our consultants are experts in their respective markets, ensure candidates they contact are relevant to the position they are recruiting for and keep in touch with candidates to make sure they know exactly where they are in the recruitment process.

If you want to talk to a company that truly cares about candidates contact us today. One of our consultants will be in touch within 24 hours to talk you through the positions we are recruiting for which may be of interest to you and to better understand your requirements.