Interview Tips

Bluefin Engineering Recruitment NottinghamIf you’re looking for a new role it is highly likely you will need to attend a face to face interview with a prospective employer. Interviews needn’t be a daunting affair. The interview process should be a 2 way process which allows the candidate to better understand the company at the same time as the company finds out more about the candidate. If you follow the 5 tips below you may even enjoy the process!!

Interview Advice

  • Research, Research, Research. We’ve all hear of the phrase “fail to plan and you plan to fail” – Interviews are no different. The employer will expect candidates to have done their homework. In today’s world of websites and social media (many companies have Twitter / facebook pages and using Linkedin can give you a great insight into a company) there really isn’t any excuse in not knowing about the company before the interview.
  • Dress to impress. You will never get marked down at interview for looking smart whereas not making an effort can cause the interviewer to ask questions about how much you really want the job.
  • Keep calm. By planning your route, allowing plenty of extra time before the interview and knowing about the company you are interviewing for you will save yourself a lot of stress. Try to remember that the interview process should be an enjoyable process – SMILE!
  • Prepare your answers. You should be prepared for the most common interview questions with answers that maximise your strengths. Also make sure you prepare answers to any obvious questions which your CV may induce (career gaps / reasons for leaving previous employers etc)
  • Finally… Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The interview process should not be a one way process. It should be a chance for you to satisfy yourself that the company is a suitable fit for you.


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